Sneak Peak: General Motor’s EN-V Concept Electric Car

GM has unveiled an inspirational forward-thinking new vehicle – the EN-V – and you can see it for yourself at this year’s CPX!

EN-V, which is short for Electric Networked-Vehicle, maintains the core principle of personal mobility – freedom – while helping remove the motor vehicle from the environmental debate and redefining design leadership. EN-V is a two-seat electric vehicle that was designed to alleviate concerns surrounding traffic congestion, parking availability, air quality and affordability for tomorrow’s cities.

Fast Facts about the EN-V:
o Leverages electrification and connectivity, creating a new class of personal urban mobility
o Connectivity separates EN-V from other electric vehicles
o Autonomous driving, parking and retrieval with advanced sensors and drive-by-wire systems
o Uses electricity supplied by a lithium-ion phosphate battery and can be recharged using ordinary outlets
o Maximum speed of 40 kph and range of 40 kilometers, which is more than required by the average urban commuter
o One-sixth the size of a regular passenger car and a 1.74-meter turning radius
o Two-wheel drive, accommodates two passengers
o One-fifth to one-sixth the price of a conventional motor vehicle
o One-third to one-fourth the operating cost of a passenger car
o Can be driven 24,000 kilometers for RMB 840 (based on current electricity rates in China)

For more information on the car, visit GM’s EN-V Fast Facts website.


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