Exhibitor Spotlight: Inkling

Another awesome exhibitor for our Expo on April 11th – we are proud to introduce Inkling!


Our favorite Q&A list, this time with Inkling’s Institutional Marketing Manager: 

Give us your 30 second description of Inkling.

Located in downtown San Francisco, Inkling is the world’s first end-to-end platform for mobile learning content.  Every day, Inkling’s talented engineers and designers work closely with content and education experts, partner publishers, and production vendors to reimagine the world’s best learning material.

What was the inspiration for your product?

We started with a vision for a better textbook: one that was interactive and engaging, one that took advantage of the opportunities afforded by new media like iPad. But we aren’t just reinventing publishing, or reinventing the book. We’re reinventing the way people learn.

Publishing in this new era will cast aside the constraints of the printed book and embrace the opportunity of multitouch devices and their impressive computing power. It will generate content that responds to the user, and it will engage people in new ways that television, newspapers, magazines and websites never could. Inkling is the realization of that potential. It’s a flexible, interactive publishing platform where the human is at the center of the creative process, not the book. 

Visit  http://www.inkling.com/ and come to the Cool Product Expo to learn more!




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