Exhibitor Spotlight: Meeblemail

The CPX is proud to introduce another exciting exhibitor for our April 11th Expo – Meeblemail!  



Our favorite Q&A format with Meeblemail’s founder and creative director, Sharon Gaffney:

Give us your 30 second description of Meeblemail.

MeebleMail.com offers an extensive library of email stationery templates that transform the generic look and feel of personal emails into extraordinary messages that say more.

What was the inspiration for your product?

Most of my communication is done through email and I wanted mine to stand out.  I was frustrated with the limited ability to make my emails stand out through my signature alone.

What is the most innovative thing about your product?

The ability to express yourself through your email and insert the design directly into your email client without having to go to a website to send the email.

What is your dream product? 

As a mom with young kids who struggles with thinking up good, nutritious meals and the time to cook them; I would love to have a kitchen appliance that automatically selects ingredients based on computer input recipes and then cooks it for you.  Just set it once at the beginning of the week with a scheduled time and come to the kitchen to have it all prepared for you.  If there are ingredients that are needed, it would automatically place my grocery order and have them delivered.

What was your first job?

My first real job was as the assistant to The Gadget Guru, who was the consumer products reporter for the NBC TODAY Show in the 1990s.

Visit https://www.meeblemail.com/ and come to the Cool Product Expo to learn more!


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