Exhibitor Spotlight: ROTA Mobility Inc.

The CPX is proud to introduce ROTA Mobility Inc., one of the amazing exhibitors that will present at the Cool Product Expo on April 11th!

A brief Q&A with founding employees:

Give us your 30 second description of ROTA Mobility.

ROTA Mobility Inc. is driven to disrupt the mobility marketplace with innovative self-propelled vehicles designed to prevent disease, promote consumer-driven health and contribute to a sustainable planet for future generations.

What was the inspiration for your product?

Founders Chris and Michael started ROTA in response to a family member with Multiple Sclerosis requiring a wheelchair. They have applied their Hi-Tech engineering and manufacturing experience to develop the best manual wheelchairs available and continue to innovate products for the rapidly growing healthcare products market.

What is the most innovative thing about your product?

It works for a whole lot of people.

What is your dream product? 

A $1,000 RoTrike!

Visit http://www.rotamobility.com/ and come to the Cool Product Expo to learn more!


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