CPX Exhibitor Spotlight: Arx Pax showcases the Hendo Hover Whitebox™

Arx Pax on Product Design for Tomorrow #PDFT

“Being that our physics based technology was founded by an architect, not a ‘scientist’, we firmly believe that some of the “biggest breakthroughs often depend on the naïve daring of outsiders.” These days, with almost limitless access to information via the internet, as well as easy access to rapid prototyping with the ubiquity of 3D printers, cheap microcontrollers & sensors, and finally the ease of crowdsourcing ideas and the availability of open-source software, this is going to be more true today and in the future than ever before.”*



*Note: The quotation included in Arx Pax’s #PDFT above is sourced from Jonah Lehrer’s article “How To Be Creative”, published by The Wall Street Journal on March 12, 2012: http://www.wsj.com/articles/SB10001424052970203370604577265632205015846 (accessed March 13, 2015)


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