A Message from CPX Founder, Dave Lyons

CPX is coming up fast! We are gearing up for Wednesday’s event by getting back to our roots.  Below is a message from Dave Lyons, CPX Founder, Stanford GSB Class of 2001 and Co-Founder, Peloton Technology:

“The Cool Product Expo began in 2000 as the dream of GSB students who believed that, even in the heyday of dot-com, there was a need for continued innovation in hardware. We built a community of people dedicated improving engineering, design, and manufacturing through cutting-edge technology. Fifteen years later, I’m thrilled to see a new generation of designers and manufacturers sharing this passion through the CPX.

This year’s CPX theme is “Product Design for Tomorrow.”  We envision a future of clean, safe, efficient products that protect the health of our planet and the people who inhabit it–while at the same time offer a beautiful and delightful user experience. Please join us to see the products that will revolutionize the way future generations live, work, and innovate.” #PDFT #StanfordCPX

Dave Spotlight


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