Announcing the Stanford Cool Product Expo 2016!

Greetings, CPX-lovers!  The Product Design and Manufacturing Club along with the Stanford Graduate School of Business are pleased to announce that the 2016 Cool Product Expo will be taking place on Wednesday, April 20th, 2016.  Mark your calendars!

We will be posting some content updates here, but for more details about the event, please visit our 2016 CPX website at

As usual, the event is free and open to the public.

2 Weeks since CPX! Feeling the FOMO?

If you missed our speaker sessions (or, even better, want to live them again), you can check them out on our youtube playlist!

A sneak peak into the incredible insights we gained from this year’s speakers:

“Every time you are frustrated with something that you cannot solve with existing products, that’s the inception of a great product.” – Moe Tanabian, VP of Engineering and Head of Smart Things IoT Innovation Lab at Samsung  #StanfordCPX

Moe Talk

The ‪CPX‬ kick off speaker session with Jason begins in 1 hour! One more team spotlight before we get going: Nifemi, Exhibitor Coordination VP

Nifemi, Exhibitor Coordination VP, is part of a small team of incredible professionals responsible for sourcing and supporting all of our exhibitors today. Without them, there would be no Cool Products at the Cool Products Expo. Thank you Nifemi and team!

Nifemi on Product Design for Tomorrow ‪#‎PDFT‬

Nifemi Spotlight


CPX Exhibitor Spotlight: Amazon’s A9.Com

Amazon’s A9.Com​ will be at CPX today showcasing ‘Scan It’ in Amazon’s mobile shopping app. Stop by to check it out!

“‘Scan It’ on Amazon’s mobile shopping app enables customers to seamlessly scan products of interest on their mobile devices. It is often easier to search with a picture than to describe it with text. Our computer vision technology recognizes objects in camera-phone views and provides an easy to use, fast and convenient alternative to search for products.”  #StanfordCPX

CPX is TODAY! Team Spotlight: Sharon, VP Marketing, External Media

We are kicking off the day by putting the CPX Spotlight on Sharon, our CPX VP Marketing, External Media. Sharon’s efforts have been instrumental in connecting the Cool Product Expo with external press members and in raising awareness about CPX in the greater Palo Alto community.

Sharon on Product Design for Tomorrow ‪#‎PDFT‬
“Having an impact on people’s lives by finding solutions that improve the overall well being of individuals, families, and communities. Technology is becoming more integrated into daily lives while at the same time shifting towards becoming seamless. The ultimate goal for successful products is becoming so natural to people that they become practically invisible.” #StanfordCPX

Sharon Spotlight

CPX Exhibitor Spotlight: LIM Innovations

LIM Innovations is a San Francisco based prosthetic manufacturer. Garrett Hurley, a Certified Prosthetist, and Andrew Pedtke, an Orthopaedic Surgeon founded LIM Innovations in October 2012.

At LIM Innovations we aim to improve the human physical condition for amputees with socket technology designed for comfort and performance.

Our core company values demonstrate an approach to prosthetic technology development that starts with addressing the user’s needs and clinician’s demands, while offering advanced technical solutions combined with unique design advantages.

We went to market with our first product, the Infinite Socket, on September 4, 2014. There are currently over 55 users, including children and active duty military personnel.

#Stanford CPX

LIM Spotlight

CPX Exhibitor Spotlight: Misfit

#StanfordCPX is TOMORROW! Prepare yourselves for some incredible spotlights in the run up to the event.  The first: Misfit

“Misfit’s mission is to develop great wearable and home products: things that people want to wear that fit their style and their daily lives. Our products and services are meant to inspire people by helping them get active. Misfit’s first product is the award-winning Shine, an elegant physical activity tracker that you can where anywhere.”

Misfit on Product Design for Tomorrow #PDFT:

Misfit Spotlight

A Message from CPX Founder, Dave Lyons

CPX is coming up fast! We are gearing up for Wednesday’s event by getting back to our roots.  Below is a message from Dave Lyons, CPX Founder, Stanford GSB Class of 2001 and Co-Founder, Peloton Technology:

“The Cool Product Expo began in 2000 as the dream of GSB students who believed that, even in the heyday of dot-com, there was a need for continued innovation in hardware. We built a community of people dedicated improving engineering, design, and manufacturing through cutting-edge technology. Fifteen years later, I’m thrilled to see a new generation of designers and manufacturers sharing this passion through the CPX.

This year’s CPX theme is “Product Design for Tomorrow.”  We envision a future of clean, safe, efficient products that protect the health of our planet and the people who inhabit it–while at the same time offer a beautiful and delightful user experience. Please join us to see the products that will revolutionize the way future generations live, work, and innovate.” #PDFT #StanfordCPX

Dave Spotlight

CPX Exhibitor Spotlight: AgIC International Corporation

AgIC describes its incredible technology:

“AgIC Circuit Marker Starter Kit lets you draw electric circuits quickly and easily. The marker contains AgIC silver nano-particle ink, which dries and becomes conductive in a second on glossy photo paper and special PET film. AgIC Circuit Printer is constructed using a regular inkjet printer and cartridges with AgIC ink. With the printer, you can design circuits with any drawing software and print the design in the same way you print photos. Those products come with Circuit Eraser, which allows you edit your drawing and printing.

Do you like arts and crafts? Get even more creative by introducing circuits into your works. Worried about your experience with electrical circuits? No need to worry – the flexibility of Circuit Eraser will allow you to learn circuits and add gimmicks to your cards and other projects with ease.” #StanfordCPX


CPX Team Spotlight: Moe Tanabian, CPX Closing Speaker

With CPX only days away we are ecstatic to be shining the spotlight on our closing speaker, Moe Tanabian, VP Engineering, Head of Smart Things IoT Innovation Lab at Samsung.

Moe on Product Design for Tomorrow #PDFT

“Design for tomorrow should embrace much more elements of empathy for the user. One way this will likely manifest is by leveraging ubiquitous connectivity and sensors and observing the user, the context and the task and predict what the user might need and facilitate it as much as possible, to the ultimate goal of predictively performing the task for the user right when the user needs it. With that goal in mind, we will probably have little needs for things like car keys, light switches, thermostats, etc. Tomorrow will be the time of Indiscernible Interfaces.” #StanfordCPX

Moe Spotlight

CPX Exhibitor Spotlight: Bolt Motorbikes

CPX is a WEEK AWAY!  We celebrate with Bolt Motorbikes on its incredible company and technology.  Come check out Bolt next Wednesday!

“If Tesla and Apple had a lovechild with Honda, it would be a Bolt.  Our mission is a uniquely attractive, fully electric motorbike for urban transport that is simple to operate, fun to ride, and desirable to own.

Bolt solves the problems associated with urban transportation and makes riders the envy of their peers.  Traffic, parking, and high cost of ownership vanish with a Bolt.  Our fully-electric motorbikes do not require the paperwork of comparable-performance gas-powered bikes, so the barrier to entry for new riders disappears.

Bolt merges passion with capability.  Our founders have 30 years and over 100,000 miles of riding experience, and have been electrifying mobility since 2006.” #StanfordCPX


CPX Exhibitor Spotlight Series: Current Labs – FishBit c/o Highway 1

Current Labs helps people better manage aquatic ecosystems.

FishBit, our first product, is a mobile and web application that captures your aquarium’s parameters, delivers actionable insights, and automates your aquarium equipment like lighting, pumps and temperature controllers.

Right out of the box, FishBit goes above and beyond any aquarium monitor available today for fish, reef and live-rock tanks.



CPX Exhibitor Spotlight Series: Palate Smart Grill c/o Highway 1

The Palate Smart Grill: a beautifully designed 1800W countertop electric with precise temperature control. Use the Palate iPad app to tell the Palate Precision Grill what food is being cooked, how you like it cooked, hit the start button, and walk away. It is that simple. The Palate Precision Grill delivers the food cooked exactly as specified and our patent pending algorithm knows when the food is done. The food will not be over-cooked, even if the chef comes back late. #StanfordCPX


CPX Exhibitor Spotlight Series: Sugarcube c/o Highway 1

Sugarcube is a pocket-sized media player that can share content from any portable device to your TV. With its sleek and simple design, Sugarcube is lightweight and easy to use. Set-up takes just under 60 seconds and, requiring only a WiFi connection, can project content from your phone, tablet or laptop to your TV in just two taps.



CPX Exhibitor Spotlight Series: Drop c/o Highway 1

Drop is re-imagining the kitchen with a new connected cooking platform that intuitively leads home cooks step-by-step through finding, making and sharing delicious creations.

Drop’s first product is an iPad-connected kitchen scale for bakers who want consistently great results from handpicked, interactive recipes. Drop has the smarts to rescale quantities, offer substitutions and share tips, so anyone can be a baking hero.

Drop was founded in 2012 by a group of designers in Dublin, passionate about bringing people back into the kitchen.



CPX Exhibitor Spotlight Series: Wearhaus c/o Highway 1

Wearhaus is building the world’s first social music sharing headphones. They can broadcast music to other headphones around you so you can listen to music with others in real time. Wearhaus enables users to share the music they’re listening to, discover music through the people around them, and connect with people based on the music they love. #StanfordCPX

Wearhaus Highway1

CPX Exhibitor Spotlight SERIES! Highway 1

Today we kick off our first ever Exhibitor Spotlight Series with Highway 1 and its incredible portfolio companies.

“Highway1 is a hardware startup accelerator based in San Francisco. Anyone can build a prototype, but manufacturing at scale is a bigger problem. Highway1 has the knowledge, experience and partners to get hardware startups on their way.”

Each day, we will feature a different product coming to CPX courtesy of Highway 1.  Today, we start off with Highway 1’s #PDFT

“We are looking for small teams that want to build hardware companies for the long term while creating delightful and innovative products.”



CPX Exhibitor Spotlight: Atlas Wearables

Atlas Wearables presents the Atlas Wristband and its thoughts on #PDFT:

“Atlas believes the future of wearable fitness technology moves beyond measuring heart rate and counting steps. Focusing on how to deliver the most end-user value in a form factor that would encourage an easy user experience, we started the industrial design from the ground up. The widescreen display maximizes content while following the natural wrist form of an athlete, broadcasting the most relevant and pressing metrics each user expects. And of course, Atlas introduces automatic motion detection, moving wearables into a future of advanced analytics, creating a true athletic advantage.”



CPX Exhibitor Spotlight: Moff Inc.

“For Moff Inc. and Moff Band, “PRODUCT DESIGN FOR TOMORROW” is the most important user interface for “Internet of Things (IoT)”. At the category of the connected human, which means monitoring human activity with sensors, IoT products should be more natural, usable and fashionable for users to wear or put it in the room. Design should not be only for the early-adapters. Technologies inside the IoT products will be similar, such as sensors, algorithm and database. The differentiation in terms of DESIGN will be more important for users.”

Come see Moff Inc. on April 8 at CPX! 23 days to go! #PDFT #StanfordCPX


CPX Exhibitor Spotlight: Arx Pax showcases the Hendo Hover Whitebox™

Arx Pax on Product Design for Tomorrow #PDFT

“Being that our physics based technology was founded by an architect, not a ‘scientist’, we firmly believe that some of the “biggest breakthroughs often depend on the naïve daring of outsiders.” These days, with almost limitless access to information via the internet, as well as easy access to rapid prototyping with the ubiquity of 3D printers, cheap microcontrollers & sensors, and finally the ease of crowdsourcing ideas and the availability of open-source software, this is going to be more true today and in the future than ever before.”*



*Note: The quotation included in Arx Pax’s #PDFT above is sourced from Jonah Lehrer’s article “How To Be Creative”, published by The Wall Street Journal on March 12, 2012: (accessed March 13, 2015)

Speakers and Exhibitors Confirmed!

CPX is proud to announce we have over 30 fantastic products exhibiting on April 8.  See our full list of exhibitors here.

We will also present two phenomenal speakers the same day.  Timing and details below:

  • 12:00-12:30 pm Jason Mayden, MSx’11, d.fellow at Stanford and VP of Design at Mark One, designed for Nike’s Jordan Brand and FuelBand and incorporated data into design.
  • 5:30-6:00 pm TBA

See you there! 28 days to go!

CPX Team Spotlight: Jason Mayden

Today we are thrilled introduce Jason Mayden, CPX Advisor. Jason is a talented product designer and a Stanford fellow.  We asked Jason our usual question and got an extraodinary response:

“It means, one must be faster than the future in order to assess, distill and leverage the unmet needs of a generation that has yet to be born. This can only happen when a Designer pushes herself to be equal parts historian, artisan, data scientist and ethnographer. In the future data will be her medium of choice and the world will be her canvas.”

Find out more about Jason’s background here and during CPX! We are proud to announce Jason as this year’s opening speaker.  #StanfordCPX


CPX Exhibitor Spotlight: Livid Instruments

Today, we are proud to shine the first exhibitor spotlight on Livid Instruments!  Livid talks to us about Product Design for Tomorrow:

“Livid Instruments designs controllers for “digital media.” Rather than specifying the action of a sensor for a particular task, Livid realizes the creative potential in the art of control. Livid’s products recognize the inherit flexibility of computers, allowing artists to create with multiple media types, rather than lock in a workflow for a single medium, such as audio or video.”

Visit for more information about their incredible products.



Coming to CPX 2013: zSpace


zSpace is an immersive, interactive hardware and software platform for developers and users interact in a true 3D holographic-like environment. By blending the physical world with a sensory-rich virtual world where people can naturally and intuitively manipulate and navigate, zSpace revolutionizes the way people learn, play and create.